On June 30th of 2018, ArtForce Iowa was hit with heavy rains leaving twenty-four inches of water covering the entire first floor. The flood has damaged 80% of our music supplies, 45% of our art supplies, over 50% of our inventory and equipment for StreetCred Studios and loss of general supplies e.g. cleaning supplies, paper towels, toilet paper and feminine hygiene products for our youth. We have come a long way in our cleaning efforts and our space is now safe again for young people. Recovery and resilience take time and rebuilding will take months. 

We need your help!



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Your donations help us to transform youth in need through art. Thank you for your support. 

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Donation items needed

Please contact our Executive Director, Christine Her at Christine@artforceiowa.org to arrange a time to drop off items. 

Art supplies

Watercolor paper


Hardware store gift cards



Shop Vac

iMac laptop charger cords (5)





 General supplies

Feminine hygiene products

Brooms and mops

55 Gal. garbage bags

Extension cords 

Power strips

8 1/2 x 11 Printer paper


Pots and pans

Dry goods

Canned goods