Launched on July 1, 2018, the purpose of our #YESKINDNESS movement is to educate everyone about the health benefits of empathy and compassion, and to interrupt systems of oppression with hope, opportunity and art. The #YESKINDNESS campaign has three major components:

1. Education

People need to know that kindness does not equal weakness. ArtForce Iowa offers free community workshops, field trips to potential employers, and training and wellness-centered workshops (e.g. learning about healthy foods, breathing, yoga, meditation, self-defense, true self-care).

2. Coalition Building

People need to know how they can help fight the social problems of racism, profiling, and injustice. This includes Lunch & Learn opportunities, partner and community breakfasts and coalition meetings where all the participants collaborate to make art around community issues and plan for the future.

3. Client Assistance

People cannot thrive if their basic needs are unmet. We strive to build trust so we can ask tough questions and help young people discover their own solutions. We use a trauma-informed approach to uncover the unmet critical needs of the youth we serve.